Couldnt save any settings, registry cache permisions grp 99

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Couldnt save any settings, registry cache permisions grp 99

Postby hayden » Mon May 10, 2010 12:23 am

just a quick post for anyone who runs into this, id been doing some modification of the user gadget/system and at nome point i was no longer able to save settings in the admin anymore. the button 'save' just didnt seem to do anything.

so i enable firebug debug method via the jaws config file and found this error:
Code: Select all
new Function("var e = new Error(\'file_put_contents(/public_html/new/data/cache/registry/core.php) [function.file-put-contents]: failed to open stream: Permission denied\'); = \'Server_Error\';e.code = \'2000\';e.file = \'/public_html/new/include/Jaws/Registry.php\';e.line = \'525\';throw e;");

so i checked the cache registry files and found they were of owner 99 and group 99, which for some reason likely related to the host im with and that they must have been created by a jaws script, i was unable to do anything to them but read them, no permissions or ownership changes possible, and no delete.

so i couldnt delete my acl and cache folders as recomended else where.

how i got around this was to download through cpanel a zip of my jaws, and re-upload it to a new directory and unzip it. this process re-created all the files and associated ownerships / group / permissions.

btw - jaws is smart, you wont have to reconfigure anything like paths, it works this out itself.

this prob wont help you if you dont want to move your installation, it was ok for me as im still in developmental stages and working from a temporary location to begin with.

othewise from what i read, unless you have root access to your account via ssh or something you will need to open a ticket with your server support to get them to either delete the needed files or change permission/group/ownerships

btw - jaws rocks ! :D
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