Upgrading jaws from 8.9

Upgrading an existing installation to the latest version

Upgrading jaws from 8.9

Postby Xclusion » Mon Sep 17, 2012 7:05 pm

For some reason one of my hosting providers updated the PHP on their server, and this caused the CMS the break. I can't edit my staticpages anymore, as well as the menu.
So it tried updating my installation, but i'm presented with multiple errors. Starting with a simple error stating the User gadget can't be updated, but quickly escalating in huge SQL errors in the update from .15 to .16. It is giving all kinds of errors on the ACL table about duplicate values. But when checking the DB, there are no duplicate values..

is there anywhere i can download the versions since 8.9.0? That way I can update them 1 package at the time, which might work better.
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