Changes on Jaws 1.0 themes compared with 0.8

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Changes on Jaws 1.0 themes compared with 0.8

Postby mkh » Fri Jan 17, 2014 3:45 pm

Here's the changes you need to apply on your Jaws 0.8 theme to work on Jaws 1.0:

Core Changes

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{THEME} => {theme_url} in layout.html
{BASE_URL} => {base_url} in layout.html
{main_gadget} => added (fills with calling gadget)
{main_action} => added (fills with calling action)
{index} => added (fills in the home page only)
{data_url} => added (fills with data directory URL)
{requested_url} => added (fills with calling URL)

Gadgets Changes

General structure of a gadget
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<div class="gadget" id="{id}">
  <!-- BEGIN title --><div class="gadget_header"><h2>{title}</h2></div><!-- END title -->
  <div class="gadget_container">
    <div class="gadget_content content">
  <div class="gadget_footer"></div>

Code: Select all
SingleView.html       => Post.html
ViewPage.html         => Posts.html
ViewDate.html         => DatePosts.html
ViewCategory.html     => CategoryPosts.html
TagCloud.html         => CategoryCloud.html
ViewAuthor.html       => AuthorPosts.html
PostsAuthors.html     => Authors.html
EntryNavigation.html  => PostNavigation.html
Comment.html          => removed
CommentForm.html      => removed
RecentComments.html   => removed
PostSummary.html      => added

RssReader => FeedReader
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RssReader.html  =>  FeedReader.html

Code: Select all
Tag.html      => removed
TagCloud.html => removed
Category.html => added

Code: Select all
Comment.html        => removed
CommentForm.html    => removed
RecentComments.html => removed
Groups.html         => added

Code: Select all
Captcha.html  => added

Chatbox => Shoutbox
Code: Select all
Chatbox.html  => Shoutbox.html

SimpleSite => Sitemap
Code: Select all
TopMenu.html    => removed
SitemapXML.html => added

Code: Select all
AboutUser.html  => added
Contacts.html   => added
Groups.html     => added
Personal.html   => added
Statistics.html => added

Obsolete Gadgets
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New Gadgets
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