Jaws 0.9.0 released

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Jaws 0.9.0 released

Postby afz » Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:02 am

We are very happy to announce the first stable version of Jaws 0.9.0 which should now work on production systems.
And as you know, the next stable versions will be numbered under 0.9.x (ie 0.9.1, 0.9.2... etc).

What is new in Jaws 0.9.0?
  • Added Forums gadget
  • Added Comments gadget for centralize manage comments
  • Added Jaws_ORM
  • Added mootools framework as default javascript library
  • Added support dynamic ACLs
  • Added BBCode plugin
  • Added inline playing audio/videos by using BBCode plugin
  • Added HTTP errors handling to UrlMapper gadget
  • Added installing jaws with sample data
  • Added some new actions: online user, online statistics and latest registered users
  • Added CAPTCHA to login box for security reason
  • Added authentication type selection to front-end login box
  • Added profile, about and contacts actions to Users gadget
  • Added some new ACL keys for better management to Users gadget
  • Added Upload photo option to photo browser plugin
  • Added display hidden albums/photos to photo browser plugin
  • Added Upload file option to file browser plugin
  • Added new features to VisitCounter gadget
  • Added meta-keywords, meta-description to Blog gadget
  • Added new features to Blog layout actions
  • Added showing drafted entries in front-end for super admins and authors to Blog gadget
  • Added auto decoded JSON type request before filter data
  • Added support filtering serialized request
  • Added customizable template for Captcha
  • Added new TextMath Captcha driver
  • Added support refresh Captcha
  • Added support multi parameters option to Layout gadget
  • Added global/private option for website/application
  • Added optional part for URL maps
  • Added auto generating regular expression to UrlMapper gadget
  • Added multi instance support to Jaws_DB class
  • Added support checking multiple ACL keys together
  • Added Underground service to Weather gadget
  • Added autoload Javascript files needed for Ajax methods
  • Added meta-keywords, meta-description to StaticPage gadget
  • Added showing drafted entries in front-end for super admins and authors to StaticPage gadget
  • Added dynamic ACL to FileBrowser gadget
  • Added reply comment by admins to Comments gadget
  • Added Guestbook action to Comments gadget
  • Added Ajax stuff for front-end area to Shoutbox gadget
  • Improved Jaws Registry schema/class
  • Improved Jaws ACL schema/class
  • Improved gadget core classes structures
  • Improved gadget actions definition
  • Improved access to registry keys by merging Registry with Components gadget
  • Improved user interface and functionality of Components gadget
  • Improved loading Ajax performance
  • Improved functionality of Jaws_Request
  • Improved jaws listen/shout mechanism and structure
  • Improved verification/activation(account/password)
  • Improved user management interface by adding search term and order by options
  • Improved filesystem class functionality
  • Improved calling Ajax methods by parsing via Jaws_Request
  • Improved query performance in VisitCounter gadget
  • Improved performance of Blog gadget
  • Improved Captcha API for support dual/multi Captcha configuration
  • Improved user interface performance of Layout gadget
  • Improved using plugins by adding a option for manage front-end and back-end separately
  • Improved FAQ, Poll, LinkDump,... gadgets
  • Updated CKEditor, tinyMCE and PEAR packages to latest version
  • and Numerous other features

Upgrading versions older than 0.8.8 is no longer support

  • PHP >= 5.2.9
  • MySQL >= 4.1
  • Postgresql >= 8.1
  • Oracle >= 9.0
  • MSSQL >= 8.0
  • Firebird >= 2.5
  • Interbase >= 7.0
  • SQLite >= 2.8
  • Apache 1.3, Apache 2, Nginx, IIS, LiteSpeed, LightTPD, Cherokee (under fcgi), ...
To download the package(s) just click here!.

Thanks for all of you who reported bugs!
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Re: Jaws 0.9.0 released

Postby csantiba » Wed Sep 11, 2013 4:00 pm

Excelent !!

Its a great number of new features and fixes !!
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