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Jaws Nightly Build

Postby exceptionz » Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:57 pm

In this topic you can find the "Nightly Builds" of Jaws Development. These are just the latest svn snapshots of the folder http://code.jaws-project.com/svn/jaws/trunk/jaws/ which you could also get by the following command if you installed svn.

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svn co http://code.jaws-project.com/svn/jaws/trunk/

What is trunk?
In the field of software development, trunk refers to the unnamed branch (version) of a file tree under revision control. The trunk is usually meant to be the base of a project on which development progresses. In this case trunk means the latest state of the main development of Jaws Project.

Why this topic?
We have decided to provide a gzip-archive to simplify all our users to test the latest development snapshot of Jaws Project and don't want to install Subversion or cannot do it.

Download the latest development snapshot of Jaws Project! - Snapshot built on 07.12.2010

Notice:All files in this topic will be regenerated every week. Please be careful with the development version of Jaws Project for productive sites.
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