Occasion system / show page for second hand items

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Occasion system / show page for second hand items

Postby Xclusion » Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:28 pm


Someone asked me to build a website for their company, which off course was not a problem..
They want some static pages, a news page (could use the blog plugin for that..) no big things there..

But, they also want a 'Occasion page' for showing second hand machines. Is not supposed to be a webshop, just a show-page.. But I couldn't find a plugin that utilizes this.

The features I'm looking for are:
Look similair to these pages; http://www.vanmill.nl/occasions.php or http://www.meijdebie.nl/occasions.php
It should be easy to manage.. just upload some pictures, an write a story with some specs..

I came up with some things myself. I could edit the blog template, to get the layout I want. Then using the ibrowser plugin for TinyMCE for the photo's they'd just have to type a little story.. But I think the photo's will get messed up, if the'd have to place it there themself, an format/style every blog entry..

Second i came up with altering the Phoo plugin..
The Phoo plugin had the abilty to show comments on every album.
Every album could be an 'item', with the specification written under it.
I'd have to change the way the Phoo plugin looks, and change the 'Album View' page, so the when click the pictures, it won't open that slide-show page but just a bigger version of the pic..

I'd like to hear what your thoughts are. maybe you have better idea's then me..

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