Ugh, what a mess!

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Ugh, what a mess!

Postby quadrox » Sat Feb 18, 2012 5:56 pm

Today I wanted to add a little bit of javascript magic to the Phoo gadget. I needed to tweak the html output of the gadget and do some other minor tweaks, so that I decided it was safer to experiment on a copy of the module. I created a copy and made search&replace to replace all instance of "phoo" with "gallery" etc. After I was done I tried to install the "new" gadget which seemed to go fine. But when I tried to create a new album, it failed. I added a bit of debug logging and found out that the gadget tables had not been created in the DB.

That was odd, everything should work as normal, just with a different name. This is where the pain started. I tried various tweaks, added more debug logging, but in the end I was unable to analyze the problem further. The fancy AJAX UI process made it impossible to get to the debug log messages. So I spent most of the day trying to figure out how the hell this stuff is working. I have now spent countless hours on a task that was supposed to take no more than 30 minutes, and I am still not close to have a solution. Half of my weekend gone for absolutely nothing.

ok ok, I realize that I am getting all this (mostly) wonderful stuff for free, I have absolutely zero right to come in here and complain, I just needed to vent a bit. Sorry.
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