How to create new translation ??

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How to create new translation ??

Postby hayden » Sun Jun 24, 2012 2:38 am

So with the Languages general admin tool i created a new language 'sr' Serbian. then i got to static page gadget and its in the drop down list for a translation.
So i create a new translation choosing this language and i get error "Language sr is no valid"

A - grammar error: 'no' should be 'not'

B- the real issue: why not ? i checked the AdminModel.php for static page gadget (the only place this error is thrown up) STATICPAGE_ERROR_LANGUAGE_NOT_EXISTS

and it throws it up if the translation does not exist:

Code: Select all
        if (!file_exists(JAWS_PATH . "languages/$language/FullName")) {
            $GLOBALS['app']->Session->PushLastResponse(_t('STATICPAGE_ERROR_LANGUAGE_NOT_EXISTS', $language), RESPONSE_ERROR);
            return new Jaws_Error(_t('STATICPAGE_ERROR_LANGUAGE_NOT_EXISTS', $language), _t('STATICPAGE_NAME'));

only problem is its just looking in the root 'languages' folder not in the data/languages folder as well (where the languages admin tool saves its translations)

so is this an error or do you actually have to export the .tar file with the tool and upload it unpacked into the root languages file... if so why not just access it right from data/languages folder ???

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