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Header Mystery - Help!

Postby chalkjockey » Sun May 17, 2009 8:49 am

Ok, I thought I had it sorted, but I haven't been able to edit my template through the CSS file. I'm using the Terrafirma theme (very nice, by the way) and am trying to: 1) replace the header image with my own; 2) increase the height of each cell of header h1 and h2. I've created an image with the same width as the original, but it's a bit taller (hence the change in cell height), and saved it as the original image in the Terrafirma images folder. I've edited the CSS to accommodate for the changes in height in header, h1, and h2. And...nothing. The same image loads, and the header size hasn't even changed, as if I've done nothing. I even tried giving the new image a unique name and editing the CSS for that as well. I get the feeling I'm missing something very simple. :(
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Re: Header Mystery - Help!

Postby Gusse500 » Sun May 24, 2009 6:57 pm

Have you cleaned your browser cache? :)

Also if you use rtl you need to change the rtl CSS files and the rtl images.

I try one my testsite to use other image and CSS files. There it works fine, but I had to clean my browser cache before I could see the changes.
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